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Z3 Technology Unveils New HEVC IP Encoder and H.264 Rack Mount 1080p60 Encoder

The DME-10 is among the first compact HEVC video encoders available on the market. The DME-10 natively supports HEVC encoding in resolutions up to 1080p60. The MVE-150 is a high performance video encoder capable of producing H.264 video in HD resolutions.

Deep Sea View (DSV)

Electro Optical (EO) system for locating surface and semi-submerged objects underwater.

Acoustic Echo Canceller - Now supporting stereo, multi-mic, and low latency

The single most effective way to improve voice quality in a hands-free environment is to minimize the distance between the talker and the microphone. When there are multiple parties involved, as is the case in a conference room, this is best accomplished by placing multiple microphones around the room. Our multi-microphone AEC is designed to cancel the acoustic echo, reduce noise and reverberation in each microphone, and intelligently combine the resulting signals in a way that best captures the active talkers while avoiding the accumulation of noise.

Z3-DME-04 Compact H.264 HD Video Encoder

The DME-04 Digital Media Encoder is an H.264 solution that supports single channel encoding resolutions of up to 1080p60 or dual channel encoding resolutions of up to 1 channel of 1080i30 and one channel of 720p60.  The compact form factor of the DME-04 makes it easy to integrate in a variety of applications. It is the ideal solution for broadcast encoding, video security, medical video and industrial applications.

Z3-HE4K-R4 - Four Independent 4K Ultra HD Video Encoders

The HE4K-R4 features four independent systems that each support H.264 encoding in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. The system is easily configurable through an easy-to-use GUI. The HE4K-R4 is designed as a 1RU system and is ideal for industrial video, security, surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

Z3 Technology Unveils New Line of High Performance Single Board Video Encoders

The production-ready Single Board Encoders (SBE) are designed to simplify the overall system design while reducing time-to-market and overall costs. These single board encoders support H.264 encode/decode in resolutions up to 1080p60.

Z3 Incorporates Sitara Processors in OEM Production-Ready Modules

Z3 is proud to announce the adoption of the new Sitara™ processors, by Texas Instruments®. These new processors offer unmatched performance in their class featuring dual 1.5 GHz ARM® Cortex®-A15’s and dual 750 MHz C66x DSPs. These accelerated multimedia processors offer real-time control and processing while offering support for industrial specific protocols.

Z3-MVE-2000 HEVC Video Encoder

The MVE-2000 natively supports HEVC encoding in resolutions up to 1080p. Users can adopt this new video compression standard in applications such as video and security surveillance, web-based video streaming, high performance computing, and industrial video.

Nexeon HDI HD acquisition board with on-board video compression

Nexeon HDI is a full-featured video streaming and capture board for standard and high-definition video inputs. Nexeon HDI supports analog RGB/YCrCb component, S-Video and composite analog inputs as well as digital DVI/HDMI inputs up to 1080p60.

DSP Algorithm Demos That Work With YOUR Hardware

Can we simplify your task of proving that DSP software is suitable for your product/application? This is a question that I have asked myself many times over the years.

PXIe 700 Kintex 7™ FPGA Card with VideoGuru and WinDriver

The PXIe-700 from Sundance DSP Inc. is a powerful, flexible and expandable module fully compatible with PXI™-5 and ANSI-Vita-57.1 FMC carrier standards. PXIe is the platform of choice for test, measurement and instrumentation market.

FEC Available with ZEUS Video Encoders

Video is being streamed over the internet nearly every second of every day from locations all around the world. What happens when content providers are trying to stream video in a wireless environment and the signal fades? Users encounter an unstable viewing experience, which could be detrimental for a content provider. This is where Forward Error Correction (FEC) steps in.

Microtronix just launched the DX-2200 - SDI Text and Graphic Inserter Product.

New DX-2200 – SDI Text & Graphic Inserter Product supporting PIP on-screen display.

Z3-DME-10 Compact HEVC IP Encoder

DX-2200-SW-03 - SDI Text and Graphics Inserter

DX-2200-SW Dual-view 2x1 SDI Video Switcher is a high-quality professional grade frame synchronous seemless video switcher.

PXIe 700 Kintex 7™ FPGA Card with FMC Expansion Module

The PXIe-700 from Sundance DSP Inc. is a powerful, flexible and expandable module fully compatible with PXI™-5 and ANSI-Vita-57.1 FMC carrier standards. PXIe is the platform of choice for test, measurement and instrumentation market.

Acoustic Beamforming

Acoustic Beamforming is a technique that, through the use of multiple microphones, is able to reduce both background noise and reverberation. 


The SME-01 is Z³ Technology’s most compact solution. Measuring only 98 x 81 x 21 mm, this pocket-sized encoder and decoder is the ideal solution for remote applications such as: emergency broadcasts, on-site research, video conferencing and more. The SME-01 is capable of producing H.264 production-qualified codecs in resolutions up to 1080p60 while consuming very little power.


The Z3-C6678-RPS starter kit allows encode and decode of HEVC/H.265 video in SD or HD resolutions. The Z3-C6678-RPS consists of a hardware package and software bundle designed to enable rapid development of HEVC applications.


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