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PathFinder Source-Level Debugger for Embedded Microprocessor Development


  • Operates under all 32-bit versions of Windows™
  • Full C and Assembler Source Level debug support
  • Full C expression handling support
  • Non-intrusive ‘On-the-Fly’ Variable and Memory
    viewing during program execution
  • Supports all popular C compilers, including Cosmic,
    Diab Data (Wind River), Green Hills, GNU, High-tec,
    IAR, Keil, MetaWare, Metroworks and Tasking
    s Support for all standard industry file formats (object formats) including COFF, DWARF, ELF, IEEE695 and OMF
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Ashling’s PathFinder Source-Level Debugger features multiple user-configurable windows, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, hover help and hover data display, splitter windows, menu-bar, button, hot-key and script (macro)-file controls. PathFinder runs on all 32-bit versions of Windows, including Windows9x, 2000, Me, NT, XP.

PathFinder’s user-interface utilizes the Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT/XP look-and-feel, to reduce the debugger learning curve and increase user friendliness, while maintaining a consistent style between the debugger and other Windows™ applications. In-Circuit Emulation, Source-level Debug, Simulation, Performance Analysis and Code Coverage are all controlled by PathFinder, thus providing a true integrated view of the embedded development domain.

PathFinder is the user Interface for all Ashling Emulator and Simulator products, including the Ashling Vitra, Genia, Opella and Ultra Emulators. PathFinder supports a wide range of 8-, 16- and 32-bit processor architectures. The highly modular PathFinder debugger can be easily configured to support different targets including Emulators, Evaluation Boards, Onchip Debug Interfaces and Instruction-Set Simulation Models. In addition, PathFinder supports simultaneous debugging of both Multi-core systems (Systems on Chip) and Co-processors.

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