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VITRA Networked Emulator with Trace for MIPS™


  • Run/stop control of target application including go, halt,
    step over, step into and step out of
  • Full variable expression handling
  • Display/read/write of target system memory and
    peripheral registers.
  • Simultaneous display of source and assembly application code
  • High-speed application code download
  • Real-Time Trace and Triggering system
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited
    number of software breakpoints
  • Automatic sensing of target operating voltage; support for low voltage target systems
  • Target Reset control and Remote Reset detect
  • Supports MIPS16™/MIPS16e™ code compression
  • Full cache support
  • Support for big- and little-endian memory architectures
  • Supports 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V targets.
Ordering Info: Part No. See below


Ashling’s Vitra Emulator is a powerful networked Emulation and Trace system for
embedded development for a variety of 32-bit cores. Vitra debugging is completely non-intrusive and requires no target system resources.

Together with Ashling’s PathFinder source-level debugger, Vitra provides powerful run/stop control of embedded software, supporting both hardware and software breakpoints.

Vitra provides fast code download to the target MIPS™-powered system, and allows control and interrogation of all processor, co-processor and system resources. All MIPS™ cores with EJTAG Debug Interface (EJTAG 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x and 2.6) are supported.

Vitra includes Instruction and Data Trace and Triggering for target systems that incorporate the MIPS™ EJTAG PCTrace or PDTrace extensions.

Ordering Information

  • VITRA-MIPS-T64K - Vitra Emulator with standard 64K x 128-bit trace
  • VITRA-MIPS-T512K - Vitra Emulator with optional 512K x 128-bit trace
  • PF-MIPS - PathFinder Source Debugger
  • TPA-GENIO - General Purpose User I/O Cable
  • TPA-TRIG-TRACE - Extended Trigger and Trace Probe Assembly
  • TPA-MIPS-EJTAG-20 - EJTAG v1.5x/v2.0x 20-way IDC debug cable
  • TPA-MIPS-EJTAG-14 - EJTAG v2.5x/2.6 14-way IDC debug cable
  • TPA-MIPS-PDTrace-38 - EJTAG v2.6x PDTrace MICTOR connector
  • TPA-MIPS-PCTrace-28 - EEJTAG v2.0x PCTrace IDC Connector
  • TPA-MIPS-PCtrace-20 - EJTAG v2.0x PCTrace IDC Connector

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PDF VITRA-MIPS Datasheet (PDF 204KB)


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