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Impulse C™ FPGA Image Processing Library


  • Enables software and hardware engineers to be quickly productive when designing streaming video and imaging applications in FPGAs
  • Provides parallelized, optimized versions of common video filters
  • Generates FPGA design blocks and test benches from ANSI C
  • Improve performance by leveraging pre-optimized functions
  • Reduce risk by reusing known-good code
  • Verifies the functional and timing models of designs before running synthesis
  • Retains compatibility with ANSI C for software-level debugging
  • Generated hardware is in standard HDL formats, ready for synthesis to popular FPGA devices.
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The Impulse C™ Image Processing Library accelerates your image processing development and reduces project risk. Library components are provided with standard C-language function prototypes allowing them to be easily connected together, and combined with other C code, to create complex image processing systems. These C-callable functions and C-language processes represent optimized image processing filters that are instantiated, through the use of synthesis and place-and-route tools, in the target FPGA.

The Image Processing Library is part of an overall block-based design flow. Block-based design is ideal for image processing, where many of the filters are common and there are standard interfaces between blocks, representing pixel data in a limited number of formats. Impulse provides pre-optimized processing blocks that can be imported and modified to reduce development times while increasing the efficiency of complex image processing projects. The library is royalty free; all of the included elements can be incorporated into your designs with no restrictions or deployment fees.

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