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NEXTWave™ Digital Filter Design Wizard


  • FIR and IIR design selection
  • Coefficient file creation
  • Impulse response generation
  • Frequency response generation
  • C source filter code generation
  • Useful for embedded DSP application development
Ordering Info: Part No. See below


The NEXTWave Digital Filter Design Wizard provides a streamlined approach to creating FIR and IIR filter implementations.  This software tool walks the user through easy-to-follow steps that result in the digital design of Butterworth, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, elliptic, and Kaiser window filters.  Impulse and frequency response graphical analysis, coefficient generation to file, and C source code creation are also included.

An important consideration for the NEXTWave Digital Filter Design Wizard was that it provides the design workable digital filters without requiring a significant burden with regard to the learning curve of the tool. This tool was designed to be practical and to-the-point; you will be designing digital filters, with coefficients and c source code, within minutes after installing the wizard.

Ordering Information

  • Standard Edition: NXSF0100 - Includes digital filter design with coefficient generation and c source code generation

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