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NEXTWave™ Signal Processing Lab Software


  • Analysis
    • Live Virtual 3D Signal Analysis
    • Advanced Time and Frequency Displays
    • Impressive Spectrographic Frequency Analysis
  • Processing
    • Extensive Algorithm Library
    • Open Software Architecture
    • Digital Filtering, DSP Transforms, and more
  • User Interface
    • Template Wizard to help you get started
    • Convenient File Import and Export Capabilities
    • Gesture-based Waveform Panning/Manipulation
    • Direct PDF Export
    • Support for Data Acquisition Hardware
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NEXTWave SPL is a digital signal processing (DSP) software package that provides an exciting innovative interactive data analysis environment. NEXTWave SPL simplifies data processing and development and provides sophisticated waveform measurement capabilities and displays.

The main areas of innovation are using a game-based architecture for compelling 3D experience, beautiful 3D Spectrograms and leveraging Microsoft’s (new) ribbon interface for waveform creation/modification.

NEXTWave SPL allows an exciting interactive 3D experience. The 3D ‘virtual world’ supports analysing existing waveform data “as-is”, in addition to allowing number crunching on the data. New signals may be easily created or acquired in real-time and existing signals can be quickly introduced into this environment via standard data files. With NEXTWave SPL these signals can then be subsequently analysed, processed, and studied in detail.

NEXTXEN have created a range of discounted academic DSP Labs including a set of Lab Exercises which have been constructed to work in conjunction with the NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab (SPL) software. The pairing of an intuitive graphical environment with easy-to-follow lab exercises allows students to concentrate on DSP concepts being taught, and reduces the learning curve that is typically associated with students having to work with software-based tooling.

NEXTWave SPL software is available in 3 editions:

  • Standard Edition (NXSD1000) - Baseline version which includes standard analysis and processing capability and sound card support for live data.
  • Professional Edition (NXSD2000) - A more advanced package for research, teaching, and development which adds the Digital Filter Design Wizard.
  • Enterprise Edition (NXSD3000) - Adds the Digital Filter Design Wizard as well as CodeBox Professional Edition Software for source code development purposes.

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