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nVision Intelligent Video Network Device


  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T network
  • Integrated TI DM642 720 MHz Video Processor
  • RGB/YPbPr, S-Video, and Composite Video Inputs
  • Full-Resolution Viewing and Capture
  • Supports CCIR-601 or Square Pixel Resolutions
  • Fully Scalable JPEG Compression
  • Dual UART for serial communications
  • General-Purpose I/O Triggers
  • Square Pixel or CCIR-601 Video Output
  • nVision Board Support Package Supports TI's Code Composer Studio
  • Optional nVision Carrier Board allows for easy access of video and communications I/O
Ordering Info: Part No. See below


nVision is a multi-format intelligent video transmission and capture device for mobile or remote video applications. nVision digitizes and transmits high-quality, full-resolution video over Ethernet. nVision's compact size allows it to be installed anywhere a network connection exists, whether a laptop or server. And with an integrated Texas Instruments Video Processor, nVision is perfect for video analysis applications.

Applications include: Video server, mobile video capture, ethernet framegrabber, mobile microscopy station, factory floor process engineering, license plate recognition, video analytics and object tracking.

Ordering Information

  • 10503-001 - nVision 64MB Ethernet
  • 10503-002 - nVision 64MB Ethernet Square Pixel
  • 90010 - dVeloper Foundation SDK for nVision
  • 99503 - nVision carrier board

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PDF Datasheet (PDF 245KB)


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