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DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for TMS320C6713
DSK C6713


  • Features TMS320C6713 DSP at 225MHz
  • Embedded USB JTAG controller with plug and play drivers, USB cable included
  • TI TLV320AIC23 codec
  • 16MB SDRAM
  • 512K bytes of on board Flash ROM
  • 3 Expansion connectors (Memory Interface,
    Peripheral Interface, and Host Port Interface)
  • On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG connection
Ordering Info: Part No. 701895


The TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) gives users a convenient, low cost means of evaluating the features and architecture of the TMS320C6713 Digital Signal Processor from Texas Instruments. This stand alone C6713 DSK comes with a wide range of on board peripherals and interfaces to allow the development of a variety of signal processing applications. With up to 1800 MIPS of processing power the TMS320C6713 can be used to develop algorithms in the following areas: speech compression/decompression, speech recognition, text-to-speech, fax/data conversion, modems, protocol conversions, tone generation/detection, and echo cancellation. The TMS320C6713 DSK is powered from an external power supply, which is included.

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