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KCL are pleased to announce the lastest products from Lyrtech and Sundance.


  • Lyrtech Software Tools update
  • FlexOFDM Demo on YouTube
  • Sundance Series 7 PXI Express Cards

  Lyrtech Software Tools update

Lyrtech have recently announced the general availability of ADP Software Tools 4.0.0. New features include updated support for MATLAB, ISE Foundation and System Generator.

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  FlexOFDM Demo on YouTube

Lyrtech is proud to unveil a video of phase 1 of the FlexOFDM demon on YouTube.

Phase 2 of the demo will be available soon and will include the following features:

  • Receiver Demodulator
  • BER measurements
  • Receiver AGC implementation
  • Still snapshop transmission

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  Sundance Series 7 PXI Express Cards

Sundance have extended their range of 3U PXI Express Cards to 22, in the following areas:

  • Generic Parallel Processing and I/O Interfaces
  • Data Acquisition, DSP Processing and Streaming
  • RF Front End, DSP Processing and Wireless
  • Multiple Clock Generator
  • Multiple Video Channel Framegrabber
  • DVI Transceiver
  • CameraLink Video Inputs
  • CEDIP and Generic Infrared Camera Support
  • Fast Network Link or GigE Camera
  • Pattern and Arbitrary Waveform Generator

View the 3U PXI Express presentation

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