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C6472 Multicore DSP News

Kane Computing are continuing to support the use of the latest, most powerful C6472 multiprocessor chips from Texas Instruments with a number of new and innovative products.

  C6472 Fixed Point Digital Processor

The TMS320C6472 device is a Texas Instruments next-generation fixed-point digital signal processor (DSP) targeting high-performance computing applications, including high-end industrial, mission-critical, high-end image and video, communication, media gateways, and remote access servers.

The TMS320C6472 device has six optimized TMS320C64x+™ megamodules, which combine high performance with the lowest power dissipation per port. The TMS320C6472 device includes three different speeds: 500 MHz, 625 MHz, and 700 MHz. The C64x+ megamodules are the highest-performance fixed-point DSP generation in the TMS320C6000™ DSP platform.

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  C6472 Evaluation Module

The C6472 EVM is a standalone low cost board with a single high performance C6472 DSP on board together with 256MB DDR2 memory, 64MB Nand Flash, 1MB I2C EEPROM, two ethernet ports and RS-232 interface.

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  EVP6472 Multiprocessor Hybrid C6472 DSP/FPGA Board
The EVP6472 evaluation platform features two C6472 multicore DSPs (each DSP has six C64x+ cores running at 500MHz), 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM and a Virtex-5 FX30T FPGA with embedded PowerPC 440 core. It is bundled with a 60-day evaluation version of the 3L Diamond Multicore Software design tool.

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  3L Diamond Software for C6472

KCL is now a 3L Affiliate supporting sales of 3L Diamond 4.0 a multiprocessor tool supporting Texas Instruments C6000 processors, including the C6472. It includes multiprocessor RTOS, integrated development environment and multiprocessor configurer to deliver highly efficient multiprocessor/multicore applications in the quickest time.

Diamond applications are flexible and scalable and spread the tasks on the various processors/cores in the system and optimally use the available processing power.

Code is organised as a number of independent, communicating tasks, and via the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), operations such as loading multiple DSP components and organising communication between tasks are handled automatically.

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  Voice Applications for C6472

Adaptive Digital Technologies has announced the availability of integration-ready solutions for high-end voice applications leveraging Texas Instruments' (TI) new power-efficient C6472 six-core DSP enabling developers to implement high-density, multi-channel, voice-over-packet applications in the shortest possible time with maximum processing performance.

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