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Registered in England No: 4264387

Registered Office:
10 The Bull Ring, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW9 5BS, UK.

Admin, Post & Delivery Address:
Kane Computing Ltd,
1 Verdin Street, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW9 7BX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)1606351006
Email: Sales-Support-Marketing
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Press Releases 2012(PDFs)
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FPGA based FPGA SATA Recording Solutions - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) have signed an exclusive UK Distribution Agreement with Logic Design Solutions to sell their FPGA based recorder IP. Logic Design Solutions supply software to support recording of data on SATA disk systems, up to 6G running on Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGAs...more

New Extendable C Callable Optimised MINPACK Library for TI DSPs - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) is pleased to announce a new Extendable C Callable Software Library for TI DSPs, the GDD5000-Optimised-MINPACK. The GDD5000 is a set of functions for solving non-linear equation solutions and non-linear least squares problems...more


System-on-Chip Technologies FPGA Video Libraries now available in the UK - September 2012, Northwich, Cheshire. Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive UK Distributor Agreement with System-on-Chip (SoC) Technologies of Ontario, Canada, to market their High Definition Video Encoder and Decoder Libraries for FPGA based products and solutions...more


2D to 3D Converter for 3D and 2D TVs - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) confirmed they are now shipping an HDMI 2D to 3D converter that converts 2D format video from HDMI sources such as Blue-Ray players, DVD players, set-top boxes, PCs and other consumer electronic devices to 3D format video...more


An ‘Ace Thought’ from Kane Computing Ltd - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) announced the signing of an Agreement with Ace Thought Technologies Pvt to develop and expand sales of their state of the art video libraries in the UK. Ace Thought Technologies is a technology company specialising in Software Video Codecs targeting multimedia solutions. It was founded by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Delhi) Alumni, one of the premier institutes of the world...more

Assembler Optimised Software Libraries for Texas Instruments DSPs - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) today announced the release of new versions of the well-established GDD range of hand coded libraries to support the latest multi-core processors from Texas Instruments. This family of assembler optimised products includes a DSP Vector Library; an ECC LINPACK Library, an EISPACK Library and an ECC BLAS Level 1/2/3 Library...more

New OEM Boards based on TI’s DaVinci™ TMS360DM8169 (Netra-VI) Chip - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) announced the availability of new OEM boards and development systems from Z3 based on the Texas Instruments DM8169 (Netra-VI) SoC (System-on-Chip)...more

New Altera Stratix V PCI Express Board - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) have announced that the Gidel ProcV™ PCIe x 8 (Gen3) computational accelerator board is now in production and will be available in September 2012...more


VITEC presents Mobile Media Asset Management with the Proxsys PX-Series Version 7 - The popular Proxsys Media Asset Management System Proxsys now features an iPad™ and Android App for mobile asset management and in improved GUI...more

VITEC Announces Focus FS-P250 Proxy Recorder for Panasonic AG-HPX250 AVC-Intra Camera - New Focus camera-mount H.264 recorder streamlines production process with streaming and support for cloud-based proxy workflows...more

VITEC introduces FMV Transcoder for ISR Applications and Tactical Mobile Video - The MGW Transcoder is a blade-based multi-stream platform that transcodes live IP video streams and disseminates to local and remote users in various resolution and data rate configurations. The FMV Transcoder is optimized for PC, TV and Mobile viewing while preserving critical KLV metadata all the way to the edge...more

VITEC debuts the most comprehensive solutions suite for mobile and over-the-top transcoding and streaming - The feature-rich and highly scalable Optibase IP Transcoding & Streaming Solution Suite enables cable and satellite operators, Telco’s, ISP’s, Enterprises, Over-the-Top (OTT) Providers and Military to deliver high-quality video to multiple-screens and wide array of devices including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more..more


Kane Computing expand its Broadcast Solutions Portfolio - Kane Computing has recently announced a major expansion of its Broadcast products and solutions portfolio, following on from the termination of their UK Distribution Agreement of over 10 years with ATEME, a French video compression solutions provider...more

Signal Processing Software - Following on from the signing of an agreement last year with NEXTXEN to sell their NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab Software in the UK, they have announced further new products including NEXTWave Digital Filter Design Wizard provides a streamlined approach to creating FIR and IIR filter implementations. This software tool walks the user through easy-to-follow steps that result in the digital design of Butterworth, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, elliptic, and Kaiser window filters. Impulse and frequency response graphical analysis, coefficient generation to file, and C source code creation are also included...more


Combining of two Successful Modular Standards - Northwich, Cheshire, 3 rd January 2012 – Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) today reported the availability of a new prototyping platform that enables developers to combine D.Module DSP and FPGA boards with Ansi Vita S7 compliant FMC modules...more